Frequently Asked Questions

How many cartridges come with the bag?

With the purchase of your NOVO Duffel, you will receive four complimentary scented filter cartridges - Fresh Rain (Signature scent), Tea Tree Mint, Cherry Blossom, and Bare Naked (Lightly scented). These scented cartridges leave behind a nice scent inside of the main compartment for an enhanced user experience when opening the bag after a cleaning cycle.

How often do you need to replace the scent cartridge?

Each cartridge lasts 25 hours of cleaning - this should last around 1 to 2 months for average users.

How long is the battery life?

NOVO includes built-in fast chargers and a 10,000 mAh battery bank. Within the app, you can view NOVO’s battery life and cartridge/filter life. You can use the USB chargers from the exterior side pocket. The battery life varies on how frequently it’s used; on average, you can run one (1) cleaning cycle per day for one (1) week before needing to charge NOVO again.

How is DRESSFRESH technology different from a typical laundry cycle?

Unlike traditional laundry cleaning cycles which remove dirt and stains, the cutting edge DRESSFRESH® technology will sanitize and refresh your clothes, sports gear and shoes, without the use of water or chemicals. This eco-friendly process runs in two stages; the first stage supercharges the air inside of the bag to create ionized oxygen, effectively eliminating anything living at the microbial level and neutralizing any odor molecules on your items. The second stage runs the charged air through a filter cartridge to remove any remaining gases and by-products prior to completion.

Can I charge my phone while the system is in-use?

Yes, you can charge your tech devices with NOVO’s USB fast charging ports while using the system.

How heavy is the bag?

The NOVO Duffel with the system has a combined weight of 5lbs total for both.

How much weight can the bag hold?

Stress tests proved the NOVO Duffel can hold over a 50lbs load.

How much space is available? 

The NOVO Duffel is a 43L duffel bag with the main compartment representing 40L and the External Pockets representing 3L.

Can I take NOVO on a plane and will it fit in the overhead bin? 

Yes, NOVO Duffel is TSA travel size compliant with all major airlines and can be taken as a carry-on. For standard airport security checks, the module must be removed and scanned seperately with your other electronics. For TSA precheck, the module does not need to be removed and the entire bag can be scanned together. NOVO is classified as a smart bag with a removable battery.

How easy is it to connect NOVO Duffel to Smartphones? 

We have made the process of connectivity seamless for new users; after receiving your NOVO, you’ll be asked to download the free DRESSFRESH Connect app. When launching the app, you will be directed to create an account and pair your NOVO Duffel. The app will additionally show you battery life, cartridge life, in-cycle progress and important notifications.

Are there different cleaning cycle options with NOVO? 

Yes, there are four cleaning cycles to choose from; Quick (15 Minutes), Light (30 minutes), Normal (45 Minutes), and Heavy (60 Minutes). When your cycle is running, the app will highlight the stage it’s on and show a countdown timer until completed. The button on the NOVO module will also flash different colors, corresponding to the current cycle stage it’s on.