Explore the world with your NOVO Smart Bag

Explorers At Heart

We developed NOVO™ with you in mind. Thinking of what was missing in the market and the features that we would all want when packing for our next weekend trip, heading outdoors, or traveling the world. Every design choice was made with the intention of focusing on your experience.

Our premium smart bag is made from industry leading durable and weatherproof materials, making it perfect for travel and outdoor use. We also added USB fast chargers inside of the side pocket for your phone and personal items.

Eco-friendly Technology

When we first set on this mission to create an easier way to clean clothing on the go, we knew just how important it was to get the technology right. That's why we invented a new way to refresh worn apparel on a trip that needs no water or heat.

DRESSFRESH® technology uses a patented ionic refresh process to deep clean your worn apparel, eliminating odor-causing bacteria and molds trapped in fibers at the microbial level. This effectively neutralizes tough odors and refreshes clothing, allowing you to rewear them comfortably.

How It Works

Refresh Technology

portable travel system keeps you fresh on the go

smart process kills odor-causing bacteria and molds
uses no water or heat - deep cleans clothing fibers

1 sanitizes at the microbial level with dual stage ionization
2 refreshes apparel quickly with active cartridge filtration

Setting Up Your NOVO

We've made the system easy to use, just follow our quick start guide.

Full specifications on the Novo Smart Bag

Innovative Design

Travel Ready

Easy Carry Straps

Quick Start System

Functional Features

Customer Testimonials

NOVO is the best purchase I've made in a long time. The technology is so easy to use and works even better than I anticipated. Literally tossed my shoes and hats in there and they came out fresh. The bag itself is INCREDIBLY well made, and looks super sleek!

Sam R.

Such a great bag to use for everyday purposes. I bring it almost everywhere with me and love how I can just freshen up my clothes while on the go. Very happy with my bag and how I’ve been able to incorporate it in my everyday life.

Kevin B.

It's my go to bag, and it's the only bag I use for travel.. (Did a 3 week trip to Europe using only the NOVO, since I was able to cut 40% of additional clothes I would have needed if I used any other travel bag)... Also, fits perfectly in the airplane overhead bins, and never had a problem with TSA.

Jimmy S.