We've created easy to use technology to keep you sanitized and fresh.

Smart Refresh Tech.

That’s our vision, we’re here to reinvent the way you clean. Starting with sports gear and performance apparel. No more time-consuming labor to take care of your items. Let patented DRESSFRESH® technology do the work for you. We took our powerful refreshing system and built it into a sleek bag, the NOVO™ Duffel.
Now you have convenient cleaning, on the go. Refresh items like sports gear, clothing, shoes, workout equipment and more, with ease. Simply place your items inside the bag, select a cycle from our app, and with just the push of a button, KILL viruses, bacteria, fungus and odors on your gear inside.While using NO water and NO chemicals, just our smart refresh tech.
Really, it’s that easy. Welcome to the cleaning revolution.
*US Patent ID: US10851491B1

Our Mission

Evolve cleaning habits and reduce the environmental impact created. By choosing to refresh, you save the water and detergents required to clean those items with current technologies. You also help extend the textile life of your favorite attire. Each time your clothing is washed, micro-fibers are shed off that pollute the oceans.

Our team is developing sustainable cleaning technology to minimize household laundry, dry-cleaning and detergent needs. The excessive use of these methods is increasing our environmental impact. We’re working hard to protect our most valuable resource, clean water.

Join the DRESSFRESH® movement and help us lead awareness of waterless cleaning.