Clothing care technology to keep you fresh on the go.

No more travel hacks. Take care of your clothes, anywhere.

Our mission is to create easy to use clothing care products that keep people fresh. DRESSFRESH technology refreshes worn clothes, shoes and sports gear. The patented ionic process deep cleans at the microbial level to elminate even the toughest odors trapped inside fibers. Our travel system requires no water or heat to clean.
No more time-consuming hacks to wash and dry your clothes in a bathroom. Now you can pack less and refresh your apparel on a trip. We took this powerful technology and built it into a portable system for travelers. Our all new NOVO™ Smart Bag is the world's first TSA approved carry-on with a clothing care system inside.
Take convenient cleaning with you, anywhere. Refresh clothes, shoes, hats and more, with ease. Simply place your items in the bag and select a cycle from our smartphone app. With just the push of a button, eliminate odors, bacteria and molds on your apparel, keeping you sanitized and fresh.
*US Patent ID: US10851491B1

Our Vision

Evolve clothing care technologies to reduce the environmental impact from overwashing. By choosing to refresh, you save the water, detergents and electricity needed to clean your clothes with current home laundry appliances. You also extend the textile life of your investable clothing. Each time your clothing is washed, microfibers are shed off that pollute our water.

Our team is developing advanced clothing care technologies to reduce household laundry needs. The excessive use of water-based appliances is increasing the environmental impact of clothing care worldwide. That's why we’re working hard to protect our most valuable resource, clean water.

Join the DRESSFRESH movement and help us lead awareness of water-free clothing care.