Our Story

About dressfresh

Simple cleaning technology.

That’s our vision at DRESSFRESH. We’re here to reinvent the way you clean. Starting with sports gear and apparel. No more time-consuming labor to take care of your stuff. Let our patent-pending refreshing system do the work for you. We took our powerful technology and built it into a sleek sports bag. 

Now you have convenient cleaning, on-the-go. Refresh items like sports gear, clothing, shoes, equipment, and more, with ease. Simply place your worn items inside the bag, select a cycle from our smartphone app, and with just the push of a button, our system KILLS most germs and odors living on your gear. Really, it’s that simple.


The DRESSFRESH Sports Bag is our first product launch. We took our teams combined years of scientific research into this problem and developed a real solution. Our market told us what their pains were, and we listened, creating a process that delivers quick results. Now people have an easy way to always keep their sports gear and clothing fresh. Our system maintains your items between uses and helps prevent bacteria growth on them. With regular use of a DRESSFRESH system, constantly worn gear stays cleaner. By maintaining gear between uses, you extend the life of your favorite items.

This is Only The Beginning

This is only the beginning of our mission. The DRESSFRESH team wants to drive change where it matters most right now. Helping reduce our environmental impact. By choosing to refresh, you save on the energy, chemicals and water needed for cleaning those items using current methods. We’re also working hard to protect our most valuable resource, water. 

Our goal is to develop water-less cleaning technology that can reduce the amount of laundry, dry-cleaning, and chemicals used by homes. A lot of our ground water is already contaminated with many chemical agents from laundry and dry-cleaning. The excessive use of these cleaning methods is increasing our footprint on planet Earth. Help us protect our water and oceans by choosing to refresh. Join the DRESSFRESH revolution.