The Technology Behind DRESSFRESH


August 2022

How It Works.

DRESSFRESH® dry cleaning technology creates supercharged ions with an advanced ionization system. Our patented dual stage ionic process uses a metal catalyst to create charged ions that kill germs. The second stage then uses an ion activated cleaning cartridge to scrub out odors and refresh clothing.


The supercharged ions combine with oxygen to eliminate bacteria, molds and even viruses, at the microbial level. Clothing fibers trap these germs and tough odors deep inside, making them difficult to mask with sprays. Our system uses a proprietary method to deep clean and refresh apparel with active ion filtration.

The Problem.

Doing laundry on the go is hard. No easy way exists to refresh worn clothing when we travel, so we resort to overpacking. The only way to wear your clothes again is to wash and dry them, or send them to the cleaners, which takes hours or days. Other solutions like sprays don't work and can't give you that fresh clothes feeling.


Competing products have relied on masking odors only, which doesn't actually kill germs, the source of most stink. That's why your apparel starts smelling again just shortly after. These sprays can also mix with bad bacteria and create even worse odors. Clothes then have to be washed because they smell bad and must be sanitized.

The Solution.

A dual stage ionic process that deep cleans and sanitizes clothing fibers at the microbial level. Combined with active ion filtration to eliminate tough odors and leave behind a fresh scent. This allows people to rewear clothing comfortably, by giving them a convenient way to refresh apparel while on the go.


Utilizing advanced ionization, a stream of supercharged ions deep cleans and eliminates germs on natural and synthetic materials. A scented cleaning cartridge along with scrubbing ions actively removes odors and leaves behind a fresh scent. The result is fresh smelling clothes, ready to be worn again.


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