The Technology Behind DRESSFRESH


August 2022

How It Works.

DRESSFRESH technology creates supercharged oxygen with an advanced ionization system. Our patented process uses a cation catalyst to form ionized ozone gas, a powerful oxidizer, capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungus and odors on items, at the microbial level.


The system runs electricity through the air to charge up molecules of oxygen, causing the atoms to split and recombine into a triatomic bond of ozone, made up of three atoms of oxygen.


The gas that forms is a natural oxidizer that has a short lifetime, reverting back into oxygen after being used. Ozone is commonly found on Earth and leaves behind a noticeable scent after oxidation.

The Problem.

Other competing products and systems have relied on ozone technology alone to kill germs and odors on various items and in tough environments. This requires high levels of the gas in order to effectively neutralize strong odors and kill germs.


However, high concentrations of ozone can damage materials from oxidation shock. This also results in by-products created from oxidation off-gassing. These compounds sometimes leave behind bad odors that must be filtered out.

The Solution.

DRESSFRESH technology uses a dual stage process to create ionized ozone, a supercharged form, along with active filtration to remove process byproducts and leave behind a fresh scent.


This requires lower concentrations of ozone gas to clean faster and more efficiently. Utilizing copper ions, this stream of supercharged air eliminates odors and germs quickly on items. A scented filter cartridge and negative ion technology actively remove process byproducts and leave behind a fresh scent.


We took this powerful technology and built it into a portable system to use on the go.


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