How To Use Your NOVO Smart Bag

Advanced tecnology
that's easy to use.

How To Use Your NOVO

The NOVO™ clothing care smart bag has powerful technology in a portable system for use on the go. This allows you to easily refresh your clothing and gear, wherever you are.


Simply connect the NOVO to your smartphone by downloading the free DRESSFRESH® Connect phone app. A friendly user interface walks you through the setup process and selecting a cycle. The button on NOVO also flashes different colors, corresponding to the current cleaning stage.


Depending on the number of items placed inside and the relative odor level, you can select one of four cycles: Quick, Light, Normal or Heavy. These cycles range from 15 to 60 minutes in cleaning length and can refresh a number of items at once. Cycle tips are provided to help you choose.


An easy to follow quick start guide and cycle information is shown to users in the app, making it a quick and convenient way to refresh your worn clothing.


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